I'm Rachel - Founder of Marque, Brand Stylist + Digital Marketing Coach, helping female entrepreneurs create strong brands, with style.

I started my first blog way back in 2009 when I was working full time and needed a creative outlet. Blogging was it for me and I haven't looked back.

Since then, my online presence has evolved and the blogging landscape has changed significantly - but one thing remains the same: the social nature of the web and the ability to build relationships directly with clients and customers alike, presents an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to create an online brand or business.

I've combined my love of branding, business and blogging, to create Marque. where I help female entrepreneurs carve out their niche in the online world.

Working together, we'll transform your online space to be beautifully cohesive, with all of your digital channels working in harmony together. 

All strong brands have a compelling narrative - my role is to help uncover this and lay the foundation for you to build an unshakable digital presence that your dream clients can't help but to pay attention. My goal is helping your brand realize its potential, ultimately giving you more money and freedom to live the life you've been dreaming about.

Ready to dive in? Whether you need a completely new website or just need someone to help you navigate the many options available to building your online presence - I can help! 

The low-down.

I fuse together 10 years working in the corporate world of advertising and marketing, with over 7 years blogging and building a multitude of online spaces to create my own unique blend of Brand Styling comprising of UX (user experience), Digital Strategy + Art Direction.

As a self-described multi-passionate, I wear many hats including brand stylist, digital strategist, blogger, writer + all-round creative-type. Equally passionate about all of these hats, I use my unique mix of skills to deliver forward thinking solutions for my clients. 

Alongside Marque. I'm the host of the Femme Boss Podcast and teach blogging and digital marketing at General Assembly in San Francisco. 

My work has been featured in numerous blogs and magazines including Huffington Post and Elephant Journal and I was named by Mashable as one of their top 20 Pinterest Fashion accounts.

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